University of Michigan

Flint, Mich., taps university researchers to boost financial transparency


University of Michigan researchers plan to implement a new data standard in the to improve the city's financial reporting.

Detroit partnership to study digital divide


Detroit, the University of Michigan and Microsoft plan to research where people do and don't have access to the internet and devices.

Cloud security is like an 'all-you-can-eat buffet'


A panel of cybersecurity and IT officials likened the menu of tools available to secure cloud environments to a bottomless Las Vegas feast.

FHWA pumps $50 million into 'advanced' transportation technology


"Smart" traffic signals, pedestrian counters and other connected vehicle and infrastructure projects were recently funded by the Federal Highway Administration.

Alleged mobile voting app hack linked to University of Michigan


West Virginia officials reportedly said IP addresses linked to the University of Michigan attempted to access the Voatz app in 2018.

​Self-driving shuttles creep onto University of Michigan campus


Engineering students are now developing autonomous technology that students, faculty, and visitors to the institution will use to get around.