How autonomous-vehicle companies and cities have learned to work together


Self-driving cars and delivery bots are becoming more advanced, but are cities and their residents ready for them?

Hawaii OKs autonomous vehicles for public roads


Hawaii Gov. David Ige last week signed legislation that approves the testing of autonomous vehicles on state roads through at least 2023.

Waymo to start testing driver-free cars in California


The Google spinoff is the first company to get a permit from the state to operate autonomous vehicles without a human behind the wheel.

New reports reveal self-driving cars struggling with software, highway overpasses, and even the sun


A group of "disengagement reports" from eight companies testing autonomous vehicles in California uncover many different reasons why humans are still needed to grab the wheel.

4 autonomous freight companies are competing on the road right now


Uber, Waymo, Tesla and Embark are each running live pilots with vehicles that are soon expected to disrupt how goods are delivered.