Georgia’s CISO on strategies to overcome workforce gaps in security

David Allen shares the state’s approach to expand its security workforce, including leveraging young talent out of school and partnering with third-party security providers.

David Allen, CISO for the State of Georgia, says that since the state can’t compete with the private sector to hire the security staff they need, but they are finding other alternatives.

“The technology continues to get more complex [and] the adversary continues to up their game…[so] I’m continually concerned about the haves and have nots in security,” shares Allen in this interview — part of a series titled “Cyber Protection Starts with your Workforce.”

Over the past three years, Allen’s approach has been to nurture talent that is right out of high school or college for entry level positions, in addition to partnering with third-party security vendors for more specialized talent.

Watch the full interview to hear more about Georgia’s security modernization efforts and hear from more IT leaders in this series, “Cyber Protection Starts with your Workforce.”

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