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How open source can help agencies stop ‘drowning’ in data

As the volume of data state and local government agencies must deal with continues to grow, the expectations around storage have become even more challenging than ever.

“[Today,] data is as unique as you can imagine,” Shaun Bierweiler, the vice president of public sector for Hortonworks, told StateScoop and FedScoop TV. “You have data coming in different sizes and formats: pictures, videos, medical data, sensor data. Coupled with that, the volume is just increasing exponentially.”

In current environments where “data is the new king,” agencies can become overwhelmed by and begin to “drown” in their data. But new technologies, like open source big data management platforms, allow leaders to escape that tsunami of data and receive the analytics and intelligence they need to focus on their missions.

“They’re able to really focus in on what they bring in value to the mission,” Bierweiler says. “It really enables the art of the possible.”

Adding open source capability to the mix only strengthens an agency’s ability to succeed in its mission, he says.

“If you look at a legacy, proprietary system, you’re going to have a very narrow window of the capabilities you’re going to be able to support. You’re going to be at the mercy of that vendor’s requirements,” Bierweiler says.

Open source, though, gives agencies the flexibility of choice, he explained.

“It gives you the ability to harness the evolution of the community and bring it into a way that’s going to really maximize your value,” Bierweiler says.

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This video was produced by StateScoop and underwritten by Hortonworks.