How states are building smarter internet security out to the edge

Cloudflare’s John Kaden discusses automation and bot management tools that give state and local agencies a more modern approach to infrastructure security.

As internet infrastructure expands, so do security risk. In order for state and local governments to build resilience against modern threats, they need a smarter infrastructure that works for them.

In a recent StateScoop interview, John Kaden, general manager for the public sector at Cloudflare discusses building smarter internet security out to the edge using automation tools.

Kaden discusses strategies state and local agencies can implement to ensure defense in depth and security at the edge as agencies modernize their internet infrastructure. He also describes the “crawl, walk, run approach” that some of their current government customers are taking to build resilience.

Watch to the interview for the full conversation on building smarter internet security out to the edge and read more about on modernizing infrastructure security.

This video interview was produced by StateScoop and underwritten by Cloudflare.

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