Hybrid cloud gives Colorado choices in information technology delivery

In Colorado, cloud computing is about having more than one option.

“We’re doing a lot with cloud,” Brenda Berlin, the state IT department’s chief financial officer and deputy chief information officer, told StateScoop. “We have a cloud-first policy, that allows us to look at not only public solutions, but on-premise solutions to give our customers choice and flexibility when they’re looking at a solution.”

But beyond just having options, Berlin said the flexibility in cloud choice also helps save the state money — something she is keen on as the department’s chief financial officer.

“It gives me and the customers the ability to look at what’s the best, cost-effective solution as their computing needs change and their cost model changes,” Berlin said. “We have the ability within a hybrid approach to address those needs.”

That hybrid approach fits into the department’s overall IT strategy of effective solutions and reliable customer service, Berlin said.

“To me, that hybrid approach fits exactly that,” Berlin said. “It allows us to invest in only effective solutions and those that provide good customer service and reliable technology.”

Moving forward, Berlin said she doesn’t see the hybrid model going away from Colorado — or other states — any time soon.

“I think the customers like having the ability of choice,” Berlin said. “They don’t like to be boxed into certain solutions, so right now, it’s working for us, and I think Colorado will be there for a little while.”

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