NASTD's Mark McCord on shifting role of state tech directors

NASTD chief Mark McCord sat down with StateScoopTV to talk about how state technology directors are adjusting as the tech landscape continues to change.

It’s been more than 35 years since the establishment of the National Association of State Technology Directors, but it is more diverse than ever, according to its executive director, Mark McCord.

NASTD members are responsible for their state’s full technology stack, McCord told StateScoopTV in a recent interview. But the rapid evolution of technology is forcing state technology directors to deal with a myriad of issues, from outsourcing technology, to migration to the cloud, to workforce changes.

In addition, states are starting to look contend with mobile strategies, including telework, despite the fact that many have been reluctant to consider it in the past.

McCord talks about how those changes are impacting the role of state technology directors and how the association is responding