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Reducing CX friction at public sector agencies

State and local government agencies have made significant strides to modernize their backend IT systems over the past few years. But from the consumers’ point of view, obtaining government services remains a cumbersome experience.

Jim Weaver, secretary for IT and state CIO for North Carolina, discusses how the state tries to simplify how citizens interact with state agency services in a recent interview for StateScoop and underwritten by PayIT Gov.

Weaver highlighted how the most significant hurdle the state currently faces is not looking at the provision of government services from the perspective of citizens or residents. And although the pandemic increased the government’s online presence, “being online does not necessarily mean being more digital.”

He explains that to enable a shift towards digital services, the focus needs to be on how individuals want to engage with government services and how the experience can facilitate better outcomes.

PayIT Gov VP of Client Solutions and Product Management Katie Beth DeSchepper joined Weaver to share her insights on why Software-as-a-Service platforms are seen as an effective solution for overcoming these hurdles compared to more traditional web applications.

She believes that using a SaaS platform is a more effective solution because it allows for the front-end experience to be decoupled from the back-end systems, which means that citizens can have a good experience without needing to know about the different silos and databases in the background.

Watch the full discussion and learn more about the best practices for making CX more satisfying and productive for government customers.

This video panel discussion was produced by Scoop News Group and StateScoop and underwritten by PayIT Gov.