States need agile development to speed up business delivery results

Agile development is the key to speed in government, says Charles Collier, a principal for KPMG’s state and local government advisory group.

“The reality is that [agile] is a better way to get technology into the hands of the programs and the business,” Collier says in a video interview recorded at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ annual conference in San Diego. “It engages [business stakeholders] earlier in the process.”

Instead of the traditional way of operating, which involves lengthy procurement processes, agile development is simpler, Collier says. Instead of defining thousands of requirements, sending out a request for proposal and awarding it, states find themselves “18 months to two-and-a-half years” behind on the solution they expected would help.

“You’re always kind of playing catch up,” Collier says. “The thing that we’ve really seen that was interesting is that it’s no longer a technology — it really brings the technology and the business side, or the program side, together working to get to outcomes.”

Agility also gives agencies an opportunity to “fail quick,” and move on if an attempted business, process or technology change doesn’t happen.

“We’re very optimistic that that’s going to change the dynamics of how major technology projects are delivered in government,” Collier says.

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