StateScoopTV: How real estate may shape future federal workforce

The General Services Administration has a new home on F Street in Washington, D.C. — and a new way to bring employees closer together in an effort to be more efficient and productive.

As October drew to a close, the last remaining GSA employees made the move to their new headquarters — an expansive and open space with floor-to-ceiling white boards, glass-enclosed meeting spaces and rooms that take the word transparency quite literally.

The building is smart in more than just one way: Touchpad devices are located outside almost every conference room so employees can reserve the room or check if it’s available, and the building self-regulates its temperature to save on energy costs.

The consolidation of seven GSA buildings into one is expected to save $24 million in rent and $8 million in additional spinoff savings.

Anthony Macri, GSA’s smart occupancy director, showed FedScoopTV the new space and the features that set it apart from traditional federal buildings in the first of a two-part series, “How real estate may shape the future federal workforce.”

This video was produced by FedScoop’s Dan Verton and Colby Hochmuth.