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T-Mobile executive discusses strategies for investing in 5G

Access to 5G in the U.S. is here, so as state IT leaders consider strategic moves towards modernizing connectivity, it is important to also understand the impact today’s investment decisions have on their ability to get the most value out of future 5G connectivity, says T-Mobile executive Dave Bezzant.

“5G is something that people are starting to look [at] to replace Wi-Fi,” but depending on the 5G spectrum they invest in, it can also augment their broadband infrastructure. It gives public sector officials the means to “work in the building, and it would give high-capacity levels of connectivity, and it would travel outside with them,” explains Dave Bezzant, vice president at T-Mobile for Government, in an exclusive StateScoop interview.

He shares how the T-Mobile has been strategically purchasing low-, mid-, and hybrid-bands of spectrum so their partners can use 5G in a variety use cases. That would include for rural counties, full building coverage and at the speeds which organizations would need to replace Wi-Fi or other traditional ways that they have gotten broadband.

Bezzant dives more into 5G strategies, how industry partnerships and managed services can help government add value to their investment and looks at examples of 5G innovations.

Watch the full interview with Dave Bezzant and learn more about how T-Mobile for Government is helping state and local agencies keep communities connected.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and StateScoop and underwritten by T-Mobile for Government.