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Ervan Rodgers

“I’ve tried to personally flip 2020 into a great year. That’s in part due to support from Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted. We started this administration off with an executive order that positioned IT to be at the center of everything. When you have that support at the top it creates an atmosphere of empowerment.

“The pandemic, it’s really cemented tech as a vital part of the organization. Our capacity to deliver government digitally has taken light speed. There’s a number of projects we’ve been able to work on like coronavirus.ohio.gov. I never thought I’d be trying to produce a TV show when our governor does a briefing every day.

“I reach out to five individuals every Friday to see how they’re doing, thanking them. I believe positive energy is catchy. Some folks early on though I was crazy, but I’m authentically me. I’m trying to pull together collaboration so we win at the end.

“What will stick around is the need to have technology at the table. I’ve had more conversations with my governor and lieutenant governor than the four years I worked for then-Attorney General Mike DeWine. As IT, we have a responsibility that we’re meeting our leaders where they are, our partners where they are. Nobody gets left behind and everybody can be a part of the solution.”

Ervan Rodgers is chief information officer for the State of Ohio.