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Susan Grajek

“I think one of the biggest takeaways is moving beyond binary thinking related to the use of technology and teaching and learning. And yeah, we’ve been a little non-binary with blended learning, but I think this year moving up the stack into high-flex as an option, I think that is a trend that we will continue to see, and it will deepen.

It will become more of a beautiful mixed environment in which students and faculty blend online elements and face-to-face elements in ways that work best for the material and for the learner and their learning style and their particular environmental needs. The toothpaste really is out of the tube now.

“Another thing I think is going to grow over time is the issue of equitable access. Now during the pandemic when your choice is either get some kind of access or drop out, that’s really come to the forefront. Just like there’s food insecurity, housing insecurity, transportation insecurity, there’s broadband insecurity also, and I think it is going to emerge more and more as an issue that is part of our rights as citizens.”

Susan Grajek is vice president of partnerships, communities and research at Educause.