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Automation chicken sandwich

As the pandemic gave rise to greater adoption of robotic process automation and other AI-related technologies, many CIOs took note of the wide degree their customization and flexibility. But few have embraced RPA with as much gustatory enthusiasm as Virginia’s Nelson Moe, who offered up a luncheon of praise in an appearance last month.

“Yep, I can make that sandwich, I can make that soup, yeah, there it is. And if they’re buying it in Illinois, you can buy it here too now,” Moe said. “As the business processes change, you have to do your RPA again, but then the barrier to entry is I want a different chicken sandwich, I want less cheese on this one.”

Moe said that when RPA functions are applied to a new agency or business process, they can be adjusted relatively easily, rather than having to be rebuilt from scratch — just like altering a lunch order. Moe’s done something to that effect this year in Virginia, where agencies are participating in a new RPA-as-a-service program.