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3. San Francisco Digital Services

Location: San Francisco, California

Website: https://digitalservices.sfgov.org/

With the motto “we use technology to make it easier for people to get things done,” San Francisco’s digital services arm embodies the idea that simple and easy-to-use technology makes it easier for residents to access essential services. Building on a digital strategy penned in 2016, the division has crafted websites that make it easier for people to find housing, small business owners to find information and immigrants to find legal aid. It’s also currently rebuilding the city’s website from the ground up, acting on San Francisco Chief Digital Services Officer Carrie Bishop’s belief that users struggle when bouncing between various website styles and layouts. Bishop is now ramping up to make her division one of the nation’s largest digital services, aiming to build a team of more than 40 employees. “We have huge plans,” Bishop wrote in a tweet last month.