Bloomberg Government releases new AI-powered bill comparison tool

Bloomberg Government is offering access to a new AI-powered tool purported to make it easier to compare similar state legislation across the county.
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Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg Industry Group’s public sector division, on Thursday began offering access to a new web app allowing lobbyists to compare bills between states.

Bloomberg claims the tool uses artificial intelligence to condense hours of reading and analysis into a single click by searching existing and proposed bills across the country for similar text.

“Bloomberg Government continues to make it easy to stay on top of the state intelligence government affairs professionals need to spot risks and opportunities,” Bloomberg Government President Arielle Elliot said in a press release. “Our newest feature, state bill comparison, leverages AI to help users revolutionize their knowledge, speed and lobbying efforts in 2024.”

This new tool is meant to complement a “heat map” feature that visualizes legislation being considered across the country. The new comparison tool is included for Bloomberg Government subscribers at no additional cost.

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