Federal funding available for NSTIC state pilot evaluations


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NSTIC Federal Funding Opportunity: Evaluate the NSTIC State Government Pilots:

The NSTIC NPO is pleased to announce a new Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) to support the establishment of the Identity Ecosystem, specifically by helping us identify and make available to our broad community of stakeholders key lessons learned in the NSTIC state government pilots, to be awarded later this year.  NIST invites applications from eligible applicants to evaluate the benefits and impacts of identity solutions for accessing government services that embrace and advance the NSTIC vision: that individuals and organizations utilize secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity credentials to access online services in a manner that promotes confidence, privacy, choice, and innovation.

The NSTIC pilot identity solutions to be evaluated will be awarded through FFO 2013-NIST-NSTIC-02, NSTIC Pilots: Trusted Online Credentials for Accessing Government Services Cooperative Agreement Program. The funding for these pilots and their evaluation is provided by the Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation.  Proposals for this opportunity were submitted May 16, and are currently undergoing evaluation.

With this new FFO, the Federal government is seeking an entity to perform an evaluation of these state-focused pilots, looking at their benefits to the government entities involved, as well as to the users of those government services.  By advancing the knowledge gained from the pilot projects and disseminating it broadly to policymakers, state agencies, and the public, the evaluation will assist in moving forward the objectives of both the NSTIC, as well as the Partnership Fund.

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