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As districts look to make smart technology decisions for schools, mobility is often a top priority for classrooms everywhere. One of the biggest hindrances for teachers, administrators and parents is not having technology that can accommodate for unexpected changes or last-minute classroom curricula throughout the day. Mobile printing solves this problem by allowing educators, parents and faculty to print anywhere, anytime from HP devices.

For teachers, that means being able to print extra tests or provide students with instant feedback to keep them engaged and feeling like instructors are paying individual attention to each student. For parents, it’s being able to sign and print a permission slip to keep their child from missing a field trip. For administrators, it’s being able to multitask and tend to office needs while supporting faculty across campus.

Districts can make this happen by simply purchasing HP mobile print accessories for school printers.

At HP, we’re redefining mobile printing with the introduction of the mobile print accessory, the simplest way to turn existing printers into a secured mobile printer. With the mobile print accessory, users can wirelessly connect their mobile device to a printer while allowing schools to manage access and control user settings.

Here are the benefits of installing HP’s mobile print accessory in printers on campus:

  • The ability to wirelessly connect to a printer – Users will be able to connect their mobile device to a printer the same way they would discover or connect to a public wireless network.
  • Easy set up – USB installation makes setting up the mobile print accessory fast and easy.
  • The ability to keep the school network secure – Connection settings allow mobile users to print without accessing the school’s network, keeping it secure.
  • Control over users – Passphrases can be set up through the HP Embedded Web Server so schools can control user access for each printer.

Everyone should have the ability to print from anywhere, at any time, from any of their devices. Mobile printing allows educators and faculty to focus less on that extra handout and more on creating a dynamic, fluid curricula. HP’s mobile print accessory can help make that a reality.

What ed tech improvements is your district making this year?

To learn more about the new HP mobile print accessory, click here.

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