Hawaii sex offender registry now available on mobile devices


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Hawaii Sex Offender Search is now available for download as a mobile app

Hawaii Sex Offender Search is now available for downloading as a mobile application for Android and Apple devices. On January 8, 2014, the Department of the Attorney General, Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center (HCJDC) officially released Hawaii Sex Offender Search, a new mobile application (App) that allows users to search HCJDC’s data base for the names and information of covered offenders registered in the State of Hawaii and to locate their residence and business addresses. A “covered offender” is a sex offender or a sex offender against minors, as defined in Chapter 846E, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Attorney General David M. Louie stated that “covered offenders who use physical violence, who prey upon children, and who are repeat offenders are a threat to public safety.” He explained that “this new App will further enhance the public’s ability to access important information concerning the presence of sex offenders in their communities.”

Hawaii Sex Offender Search is a free mobile application available for Apple and Android smartphones and mobile devices. Users can get the free App by downloading it from the Android or Apple App stores. Users without a mobile device can view an online directory of Hawaii registered sex offenders and other covered offenders at http://sexoffender.ehawaii.gov/sexoffender.

The creation and deployment of the App is the result of collaboration between the HCJDC, the Hawaii State Office of Information Management and Technology, and Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC (HIC).

The HCJDC maintains a central repository for the collection, storage, dissemination, and analysis of data from all criminal agencies, which includes information about covered offenders residing in the State of Hawaii. Public access to this information is based solely on the fact of each offender’s criminal conviction and is not based on an estimate of the offender’s level of dangerousness.

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