Illinois online voter registration bill passes Senate


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The Illinois Senate has passed House Bill 2418 that allows citizens to register online to vote.

“I want to thank Senator Don Harmon for his good work and all the members of the Illinois Senate who voted for this bill to make voter registration available online,” said Quinn in a prepared statement. “As I proposed in my State of the State address, this cost-effective measure will move our election process into the 21st century and make registering to vote easier for everyday people.”

The effort was one of Governor Pat Quinn’s 2013 State of the State proposals. During his address in February, Quinn said, “In our Illinois, we embrace the voices and the votes of all people. Our democracy is strongest when more voters raise their voices at the ballot box. That’s why Illinois should join 15 other states in making voter registration available online. We must move our election process into the 21st century.”

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