Michigan health plan enrolls 85,000+ in first week

The Michigan Departments of Community Health and Human Services kicked off enrollment activities to begin providing health care coverage to nearly half a million more Michigan residents April 1.

Gov. Snyder: Healthy Michigan Plan reaches 85,761 enrollees after one week

The Healthy Michigan Plan is now providing coverage to 85,761 Michigan residents since April 1.

The Michigan Departments of Community Health and Human Services kicked off enrollment activities to begin providing healthcare coverage to nearly half a million more Michigan residents on April 1.

“Our residents will be healthier and our state stronger as people enroll in Healthy Michigan,” Gov. Rick Snyder said. “We’re off to a great start in getting the people the coverage they need. This plan, a state-created effort that reflects Michigan’s needs and values, will improve our quality of life as well as boost our economy as Michigan’s comeback continues.”


Since April 1, Michigan has received 54,479 applications and enrolled 32,071 Michiganders into the Healthy Michigan Plan. The difference represents those with applications that are pending confirmation, others who were eligible but enrolled in different Medicaid programs or have applications in progress or have been denied. Prior to April 1, MDCH transitioned the previous Medicaid Adult Benefits Waiver population into the program with coverage beginning on April 1. These enrollment activities combined mean that Michigan has already enrolled 85,761 residents into the new program.

MDCH plans to post Healthy Michigan Plan enrollment data every Tuesday at 3 p.m. online

“Enrollment for the Healthy Michigan Plan is well underway and in the first week alone, we have made substantial progress in providing care to Michigan residents,” MDCH Director James K. Haveman said. “But that momentum does not end today. I look forward to continued support from our partners and communities in reaching all eligible Michigan residents and working with them to improve their health, and in turn, the health of our state.”

While MDCH, DHS, and the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget have addressed minor bumps in the system, overall enrollment has gone smoothly. The majority of IT issues have been resolved quickly. People have been able to find assistance at well-staffed phone lines and DHS offices. On average, Michigan residents have experienced minimal wait times on the phone and in person at DHS offices, with the majority of residents being able to submit an application within 30 minutes of arrival.

“Our clients have been served well,” DHS Director Maura Corrigan said. “Whether that means having a welcoming ‘front door’ through MI Bridges online or lobby navigators in our offices assisting those who need some extra help in person, we are there and will be there for everyone signing up for the Healthy Michigan Plan.”


It is anticipated that Michigan will enroll 320,000 residents into the Healthy Michigan Plan in the first year, eventually providing coverage to more than 470,000.

Residents can apply online at, by phone at (855) 789-5610, or in person at their local DHS office. Applicants for the Healthy Michigan Plan must be between the ages of 19-64, not currently eligible for Medicaid, not eligible for or enrolled in Medicare, and earning up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level (approximately $16,000 for single person and $33,000 for a family of four).

Health coverage under the Healthy Michigan Plan includes both federally and state mandated Essential Health Benefits such as ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment, prescription drugs, rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, laboratory services, preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management, pediatric services including oral and vision care, and other medically necessary services as needed.

For more information about the progress of the Healthy Michigan Plan or to enroll, or call (855) 789-5610.

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