Pennsylvania launches online tool to speed up permit applications


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New DEP Online Tool Speeds Pre-Application Process for Permit Applicants

As part of its continuing effort to create a more efficient permit application procedure, DEP has developed an online Permit Application Consultation Tool (PACT).

The online tool is designed to quickly and easily assist potential applicants in determining which types of environmental permits, authorizations or notifications would be needed for specific projects.  Based on the user’s responses to a series of simple questions, PACT provides information on permits and other information an applicant should consider.

When the tool’s questionnaire is completed, PACT automatically submits the information and attachments to the Assistant Regional Director in the department’s appropriate regional office.  This information serves as the basis for a Pre-Application Conference. At the conference, DEP staff verifies the information and discusses the needed permits or authorizations with the applicant.  Pre-Application Conferences often result in a savings of time and resources—especially when multiple permits or authorizations are needed.

“This is another example of DEP’s commitment to improving efficiency without sacrificing the quality or transparency of our reviews,” Acting DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo said.  “Since the original Permit Decision Guarantee was implemented last year, DEP has resolved 66 percent of all backlogged applications. This allows us to move much more efficiently on new permit applications, ensuring that they meet their target timeframes.”

For more information, visit and click on Permits, Licensing and Certifications.  By clicking on the link you can access the Pre-Application Information Tool and the questionnaire.

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