Report: Calif., Texas, NY top list with most tech jobs


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If you are currently seeking employment, the tech industry may be your best bet for finding a job — and a high-paying one to boot.

According to today’s newly released edition of Cyberstates 2013: The definitive state-by-state analysis of the U.S. technology industry, the tech sector added 67,400 jobs in 2012, an employment increase of 1.1 percent compared to the entire private sector’s 1 percent increase. More important for job seekers, the report found: On average, the tech industry workers occupying these positions are paid 98 percent more annually than their private sector counterparts, earning approximately $93,800 compared to $47,400.

The report, published by TechAmerica, is designed to provide insight into the size and scope of the tech industry in terms of jobs, wages and other relevant factors at the national and state levels. Information in the report is provided for all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and relies on 2012 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The components of the tech industry adding jobs? Software services added the vast majority of the jobs (63,900), followed by engineering and tech services (+11,300) and Internet and telecommunication services (+1,800). The only other component of the tech industry — tech manufacturing — saw a continued decline, losing 9,500 jobs in 2012.

In addition to providing data on the national tech industry landscape, Cyberstates provides one-page “snapshots” of the electronics and IT industry for each state, D.C. and Puerto Rico. These highlight key data points for the relevant state’s tech industry including trends and comparisons of employment and wages. Individual reports also highlight a state’s key tech industry sectors.

By state, California, Texas and New York have the most tech industry employees with 968,000, 485,000 and 318,200, respectively.

Seventeen states had more than 10 percent of their private sector payroll coming from the tech industry. The state with the highest percentage of its private sector payroll coming from tech companies, 20 percent, was Virginia.

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