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Governor Makes Dashboard Statistics Public

Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced today that dashboard measurements on state finances and economics generated by the Bureau of Finance and Management will regularly be made available to the public.

Under the executive order, each week BFM will post updated metrics on its website, on a rotating basis, so that each type of information is updated monthly. Metrics to be posted include general fund expenditures, FTE utilization, fund balances and actual revenue collections. Macroeconomic information for Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP and unemployment insurance programs will also be added.

“I am happy to make this information available to the public,” said Gov. Daugaard. “I review BFM’s dashboard measurements regularly and have found them to be an important way to monitor our fiscal strength. Data never tells the whole story, but regularly reviewing metrics like this helps our state make sound financial decisions.”

The first dashboard measurements to be released, dealing with actual revenue collections, are posted at The other metrics will be released over the next three weeks, and then regularly thereafter.

Posting the Bureau’s metrics is the latest effort of Gov. Daugaard’s Better Government Initiative to make state government more transparent and accessible. Also under this initiative, the governor has opened the governor’s mansion and Valhalla for tours, released invitation lists, convened an Open Government Task Force, launched an administrative rules website and created a new webpage for the public to view budget transfers for past, current and upcoming fiscal years.

For notifications on the release of dashboard measurements, follow BFM on Twitter @SDBFM.

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