Mississippi election websites hit by Election Day DDoS incident


Websites operated by the Mississippi secretary of state were offline for part of Election Day, though the outage did not affect voting.

Colorado says website restored day after Russia-linked DDoS attack


Colorado.gov has been restored following a denial-of-service attack carried out by a Russian-speaking group that calls itself Killnet.

Russian hacking group targets state-government websites in DDoS campaign


The pro-Russia hacking group Killnet launched a series of DDoS attacks against U.S. state government websites, temporarily disabling several.

Minnesota IT officials respond to weekend DDoS attacks against state systems


Officials did not say if the incident was explicitly linked to protests over the police killing of George Floyd.

'Bitcoin Baron' sentenced for cyberattack against Madison, Wisconsin


Randall Charles Tucker will serve 20 months behind bars for a 2015 distributed denial-of-service attack that crippled the city's websites for six days.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris warns public, IoT device makers


A recent botnet attack grabbed the attention of at least one important California leader.