digital literacy

Illinois to launch volunteer program for digital literacy training


Illinois will select a cohort of digital navigators in the new year to offer digital literacy and skills training in low-income and rural communities.

Seattle distributes $345,000 to digital literacy organizations


The city's annual Technology Matching Fund will support 15 organizations supporting immigrant and low-income communities.

Seattle puts $320,000 toward digital literacy


A community newspaper, indigenous artists and a handful of other community groups represent the latest participants in the 22-year-old program.

Philadelphia's digital literacy community readies second year of program grants


The Digital Literacy Alliance, an "innovation seed fund," is maturing, but organizers are still searching for the most effective ways to convert social will into sustained change.

Clinton's broadband plan promises continuity, though could prove too 'incremental'


Tech policy analysts are taking a closer look at Hillary Clinton's pledge to connect every household to broadband by 2020, and evaluating how she hopes to achieve that goal.

D.C. revs up remodeled mobile technology lab


In some areas of the nation's capital, only 65 percent of homes have broadband connections. The renovated bookmobile aims to improve residents’ access to the Internet.