Digital driver's licenses solve problems of convenience and security, officials say


Maryland and Wyoming are wrapping up pilot programs exploring digital, mobile driver's licenses and preparing to offer them to the broader public.

DMV service outages in Idaho shaping up as major issue in November election


The governor says fixing the driver's license system is one of the state's highest priorities.

Mobile driver's license project announced in Delaware


The six-month test will search for flaws in the fledgling technology as the state considers a wide release.

Digital driver's license pilots target accessibility, security


Four states are testing new features on a mobile technology that could someday replace traditional identification cards.

Guest column: The next frontier of driver's licenses


In the United States, a driver’s license is used for much more than driving; it is often used as a primary source of identification (in lieu of a national ID card) for employment, domestic travel, banking, purchasing and more. But many states lag behind in using the latest security technology in their driver's licenses, leaving their citizens open to risk.