waste management

Former New York City CIO named as sanitation chief


Mayor Eric Adams named Jessica Tisch to lead the NYC Department of Sanitation, a 9,200-person agency responsible for cleaning 6,500 miles of streets.

Miami's latest tech trend is AI-powered waste removal


Miami will test AI-powered cameras in its municipally owned dumpsters over the next two months in hopes of reducing carbon emissions.

South Bend, Indiana, finalizes 'smart sewer' plan after 5 years of retooling


One city leader said federal officials were surprised by the reduction of environmental impact offered at a low cost.

Phoenix goes digital to meet recycling goals


The city's waste-diversion goals for 2020 have been interrupted by the pandemic, but officials are hopeful new online resources will help the city continue its education and policy efforts.

Sidewalk Labs pilots AI-powered recycling system


AI-powered cameras to detect what people are recycling and detailed reports sent back to tenants are hoped to encourage more responsible waste management.