Phoenix buys software to optimize solid waste collections

Phoenix signed a contract with Rubicon Technologies with hopes of streamlining services, reducing missed pickups and optimizing routes.
waste management truck
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The City of Phoenix is partnering with Rubicon Technologies to use “smart city” software to improve efficiencies in the city’s solid waste collections, the company announced last week.

The five-year agreement includes software that allows the Phoenix Public Works Department to digitize its solid waste collection operation, which is mostly manual and paper-based. This transformation will help streamline services, reduce missed pickups, enable monitoring of route performance and identify areas where service can be improved, according to the company’s announcement.

“We are excited to move our solid waste collection operations to Rubicon’s digital, cloud-based system,” Felipe Moreno, Phoenix’s assistant public works director, said in a press release. “By harnessing the power of data-driven decisions enabled by Rubicon, Phoenix is dedicated to delivering customer-focused solutions for our community.”

Phoenix’s public works department provides waste and recycling services to more than 418,000 locations on a weekly basis, according to the release. Rubicon Technologies claims that by using RUBICONSmartCity software, governments can better manage collection routes while also monitoring the health of collection vehicles, improving driver behavior and ensuring that materials are collected efficiently.


“We are proud to partner with the City of Phoenix to bring our innovative smart city technology to solid waste operations in America’s fifth largest city,” Conor Riffle, senior vice president of smart cities at Rubicon, said in the release. “Solid waste collection is one of the most critical services for cities, and our cutting-edge technology helps them deliver this service more efficiently and sustainably.” 

According to the release, more than 100 American cities have used Rubicon’s technology to improve municipal operations.

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