Texas issues just 340 voter ID cards

Only 340 Texas residents obtained election identification certificates prior to the mid-term elections, suggesting just how tough the state's tough Voter ID law is.

Texas’s new voter ID card are proving to be the of the big losers in this year’s state elections.

Very few Texans have been able to, or chosen to, obtain election identification certificates (EIC), the new state-issued form of photo ID for those who don’t have a proper identification under Texas’ tough voter ID law.  How few?  According to the Texas Observer: just 340 Texans.

As the Observer put it:


“There are more licensed auctioneers (2,454) in Texas than there are people with EICs.There are more licenses for boxing judges in Lubbock County (4) than there are voters with EICs (3). There are more licensed elevator inspectors in Dallas County (35) than voters with EICs (28). And so on “

Many of Texas’ 254 counties haven’t had a single citizen obtain an EIC.

The figures reflect the difficulty a number of Texans have had obtaining the EIC, which were created to reduce what Gov. Rick Perry and others described as the potential for electoral fraud in Texas.

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