University of Wisconsin adding Wi-Fi for football fans


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Technology continues to make its way into sporting venues.

The University of Wisconsin recently announced it will install a new high-density wireless network for football fans at Camp Randall Stadium, which seats more than 80,000 spectators.

The project will cost the university $6.2 million and is expected to be completed this fall, in time for the coming season. The service will include more than 750 access points throughout the stadium and surrounding area and will be built by AT&T.

“We are thrilled with our collaboration with AT&T in enhancing the game-day fan experience at Camp Randall Stadium,” said Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez. “Along with AT&T, we are creating a high standard for connectivity in our stadium and providing a wide variety of additional content to our fans.”

Most college football stadiums do not have full-venue wireless access because the cost to install and maintain the system is too high. The result is fans struggle to stay connected as the large concentration of people overwhelm local networks and cellular towers, resulting in poor service or no service at all.

“In-stadium connectivity is becoming an essential component of the game-day experience at stadiums across the country,” said Scott T. VanderSanden, president of AT&T Wisconsin. “Whether fans are using mobile apps, texting, tweeting, checking email or surfing the Internet, they are looking for enhanced connectivity. We are excited to work with the University of Wisconsin to enhance the experience at Camp Randall for all Badger fans, students and alumni.”

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