Video game industry honors Texas governor


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Gov. Perry: Texas home to bold innovators in technology

Gov. Rick Perry today was honored by the Entertainment Software Association for his commitment and leadership in the development of the growing video game industry in Texas, where he was presented with an award in appreciation of his support.

“Video game production represents Texas’ trail-blazing spirit,” Gov. Perry said. “Thousands of Texans are hard at work creating the next great diversion, either on a console, tablet, PC or their phones. Texas has always been home to bold innovators, and people who are eager to make a difference in the technology of the day, while creating a new vision for tomorrow.”

Texas is currently home to 183 video game companies that employ more than 5,000 Texans. Over the last six months, the number of major video game projects with anticipated Texas spending of $3.5 million or more in the state has increased by more than 50 percent over the same time period a year ago.

The Lone Star State offers support to the video game industry through the Texas Film Commission’s incentives program, which provides grants to companies for qualifying Texas-based projects. The program has invested approximately $20 million in the video game industry since 2008, generating $244 million in economic impact to the state.

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