Warriors bring new technology to the arena


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Playing basketball a three-point shot away from Silicon Valley, it only makes sense the Golden State Warriors would be on the cutting edge of in-game technology.

Thanks to a new partnership with New York-based Sonic Notify, the Warriors now offer their fans a unique game-day experience using proximity-based marketing.

The Warriors and Sonic Notify will use the technology — which is integrated into the Warriors official mobile app for both iOS and Android devices — to enhance the overall fan experience at Oracle Arena by delivering location-based content such as seat upgrade notifications, welcome messages, exclusive material and in-arena offers whenever a fan with the app walks near one of the company’s beacons.

“We are all about our amazing fans,” said Kenny Lauer, the Warriors vice president of marketing & digital. “They deserve the absolute best experiences possible, and the Warriors are on a continual mission to identify and leverage the right technology to enable those experiences to happen.”

Sonic Notify uses a variety of technologies for its in-game marketing system, namely beacons, security encryption, content management system, analytics, and decisioning servers.

Sonic Notify’s technology solution is built on multiple technologies for proximity awareness, including its own proprietary audio watermarking solution in conjunction with Apple iBeacon and Android Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions.

“The Golden State Warriors are a great client because they understand experience creation and the innovation process,” said Aaron Mittman, CEO of Sonic Notify. “Innovation runs all the way through their organization. They are one of a number of our enterprise clients who will be going live over the next few months, and I couldn’t be more excited about the market’s adoption.”