Washington Gov. Gregoire statement on Congress fiscal cliff compromise


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Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire today made the following statement on the fiscal cliff agreement:

“Though it was done in overtime, the deal on the fiscal cliff allows us to breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now. From day one, the President has urged Congress toward a deal that benefits all Americans. While the agreement reached makes a down payment on our deficit, and is one of the two largest deficit reduction bills passed in the past 15 years, it does not go all the way toward resolving our fiscal challenges. The President has pledged to continue to work with Congress to reduce the deficit while protecting the middle class and investing in the country.

“I will continue to fight for the bipartisan Marketplace Fairness Act, but am pleased that several of the benefits passed in this agreement mean real savings to middle-class Washingtonians. I thank our congressional delegation, who pushed for the extension of the Sales Tax Deduction, which is important to Washingtonians given that we do not have a state income tax. Making permanent the Alternative Minimum Tax and extending the Returning Heroes Tax Credit, Wounded Warriors Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit and the American Opportunity Tax Credit will all help Washington families get back on their feet after the recession. Further, extending Emergency Unemployment Benefits will immediately help 60,000 Washingtonians.

“As the governor of a state who has dealt with natural disasters, I am extremely disappointed that the U.S. House of Representatives failed to send relief for Hurricane Sandy aid. Responding to and helping our citizens through times like these is a fundamental role of our government and the people of New Jersey and New York deserve better.”

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