Bad boys: New York State Police using Facebook to catch criminals


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It used to be that authorities would hang wanted posters of local criminals at the local post office, but with attendance at postal locations a fraction of what it used to be, New York is turning to another highly trafficked area: Facebook.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday the state’s police department would begin hosting “Warrant Wednesday” on its Facebook page, posting the images of wanted criminals in hopes of bringing them to justice.

“The State Police has already seen the benefits of broadening our use of social media,” said State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico. “We are expanding on a pilot program that we launched late last year that proved successful in the identification and arrest of several individuals. Expanding this initiative statewide will allow us to take full advantage of social media’s widespread reach to a large, diverse audience.”

Each “Warrant Wednesday” posting will include a poster of a wanted individual contributed by State Police Troops across the state.

Each poster will include a photo, information about the subject, what they are wanted for, and a contact number for the appropriate State Police station. This will appear as a “photo album” on the State Police Facebook page.

“New York State is using new and creative tools to help make our streets and neighborhoods safer,” Cuomo said. “Social media’s broad appeal can help the State Police track down those wanted in connection with crimes and bring them to justice.”

To view the “Warrant Wednesday” postings, you do not need a Facebook account. Users can see the postings by visiting the New York State Police Facebook page at

Postings will also be shared on the New York State Police Twitter page at

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