California announces broadband collocation map release


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Broadband and Digital Literacy Office announces broadband collocation GIS map and video release

The California Department of Technology (CalTech) Office of Broadband and Digital Literacy introduces a comprehensive, statewide Geographical Information System (GIS) map to support the expansion of broadband collocation in California. The map is developed by the CalTech’s GIS Office, in collaboration with the Department of General Services (DGS) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Using data from the DGS State Property Inventory (SPI) database, and maps from the CPUC showing underserved and unserved broadband areas in California, the GIS map allows viewers to analyze and interpret state data in a user-friendly and efficient format. This project results from the Office of Broadband and Digital Literacy’s lead of the California Broadband Council workgroup on improving broadband collocation opportunities with the State of California.

“Broadband access is vital. Access to the Internet provides Californians with economic opportunities, educational resources, telemedicine, emergency response, mobile government access, and brings a means to connect with others throughout the world,” said Deputy Director of Broadband and Digital Literacy Adelina Zendejas.

In addition to the launch of the GIS map, the Broadband and Digital Literacy Office announced educational videos on the state collocation application process for public safety properties. The videos were produced in collaboration with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The videos were produced with cooperation from Agencies and Departments. Additional videos on the collocation process with other non-public safety sites are in progress.

To view the GIS map and Collocation videos:

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