California to issue quarterly reports on IT projects


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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Department of Technology now plans to issue reports quarterly, instead of annually, on what new tech projects in state government have been approved.

The change, which will go into effect in January, is part of a larger plan, called the Project Approval Lifecycle, to improve the how the state approves and carries out IT projects. Under this plan, agencies also will be able to submit project planning documents year round, instead of only in the fall, and will only have to submit planning information, rather than a full project report, to the technology department.

The transition will help the department issue faster updates to plans, and help it procure technology built with modern development methods in mind, said Andrea Wallin-Rohmann, chief deputy director of policy at the technology department.

“Systems were being custom-built 30 years ago, so a process that extended over a couple of years probably made a lot of sense,” Wallin-Rohmann told StateScoop. Now, “you got the ability now to stand up solutions in months, and not years.”

The streamlined process should help vendors as well by minimizing wait periods and increasing focus on the projects at hand, Wallin-Rohmann said.

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