Nebraska launches new online handicap parking permit service


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The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has added a new online service to allow residents with a valid handicap parking permit to get a second or replacement handicap permit online.

The Handicap Parking Permit Public Access application is not only an innovative way to prevent Nebraskans with a handicap or a handicapped relative from spending hours at the DMV, it is also an important step toward making local government more convenient and accessible to its constituents.

Launched in conjunction with a redesign of the existing Handicap Parking Permit online service for medical professionals, the new online permit renewal and replacement application is more user-friendly and compatible with a variety of mobile devices. The two services “were designed to streamline an over-burdened and over-complicated paper process where the responsibility fell to the patient who was already facing mobility challenges,” according to a DMV release.

Prior to the launch of the online permit system in August 2012, patients had to visit their local DMV office to obtain and submit forms. Attaining a second or replacement handicap placard took four trips to state and medical offices and at least two weeks for a permit to be issued.

Now, a patient can visit their health care provider to apply for an original handicap parking permit and then submit requests for an additional or replacement permit from home. Additional and replacement placards no longer require doctor intervention or the submission of any forms. Five to seven days later, patients receive their new handicap permit and identification card in the mail.

How many people does this system benefit? Roughly 4,000 handicap permits are issued, renewed or replaced by the DMV annually and roughly 160 secondary or replacement permits are requested per month.

“We were able to address a cumbersome government process with the launch of the Medical Professional application last year, and are very excited to introduce even more convenience to Nebraska citizens with the new Handicap Permit Public Access application which allows permit holders to self-service their government needs,” Nebraska DMV Director Rhonda Lahm said.

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