Poll: Wyoming residents have trust in state government


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Wyomingites have trust in state government

A recently released poll shows that people in Wyoming have significant trust in state government. The poll by Gallup asked 600 people in every state how much trust they had in their state government. Wyoming ranked second with 76% of respondents indicating a great deal or fair amount of trust in state government.

“I was pleased to see this poll, which I believe is a compliment to those in state government and to the Legislature,” Governor Matt Mead said. “Having a citizen Legislature is one of the keys to good state government.”

Today during his monthly news conference Governor Mead said that economic indicators show Wyoming in a good position. The unemployment rate in Wyoming for February is 4.2%. That is the state’s lowest jobless rate since 2008 and places Wyoming sixth in the nation. Additionally, Wyoming had the seventh highest ranking for personal income according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released at the end of March.

Governor Mead said that improving the lives of citizens is his focus. “All this is good economic news and it translates into the quality of life for our citizens,” Governor Mead said. “We need to keep up the hard work to continue improving.”

Efforts underway include:

  • Building a test center to develop new commercial uses for carbon captured for coal-fired power plants.
  • Diversifying the economy with technology and manufacturing.
  • Building a Unified Network to increase broadband speeds.
  • Exploring an industrial complex to add value to Wyoming resources.
  • Implementing the Energy Strategy which balances energy development, environmental stewardship and economic growth.

In other comments Governor Mead mentioned that the Attorney General proposed an order that would return the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Department of Education. She rejected the opportunity to return immediately.

“The Superintendent’s narrative has been that we are stopping her from getting over there and for her now to reject that offer is puzzling to say the least,” Governor Mead said. He notes that this proposed order – required for her to take over management of the Department of Education – is a way to accomplish this goal. “The Superintendent reserves all her arguments on any issues, but she can make those arguments from an office at the Department of Education.”

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