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Governor Lincoln D. Chafee Launches Redesigned DMV Website:

Result of Suggestions Made by DMV Staff Directly to Gov. Chafee

Continuation of Chafee Administration’s Improvements to Customer Service, Efficiency at Agency

Providence, RI – Governor Lincoln D. Chafee today launched the first phase of the new and improved Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website. The site was redesigned with the guiding goals of better customer service, improved navigation, and increased efficiency and ease of use.

“The DMV is the place where most Rhode Islanders interact with their government,” Governor Chafee said. “That experience should be a positive one. By making the website more efficient and easier to use, and by putting more services online, we are making DMV transactions more convenient and less time-consuming for both online and in-person customers. We have worked hard to institute positive changes at the DMV, and the launch of the new website is another step in those efforts. Rhode Islanders deserve good government services for their hard-earned tax dollars.”

The impetus for the website redesign began with direct feedback from DMV employees during one of Governor Chafee’s many personal visits to the DMV headquarters in Cranston, where staff members mentioned to the Governor that the website could be more user-friendly and efficient in a variety of ways. The Governor asked DMV Administrator Anthony Silva to follow up on these recommendations, which resulted in the website redesign.

“This is exactly how the DMV should work – with engaged employees personally dedicated to making the organization more customer-friendly and efficient,” Silva said. “I have witnessed first-hand a palpable and renewed sense of ownership and commitment among DMV employees, and their suggestions being transformed into action is a terrific example of that. I credit this change to Governor Chafee’s focus on improving the DMV and his frequent interactions with our staff.”

Among the features of the new website are:

·Redesign of the DMV website homepage to increase efficiency and improve navigation.

·Streamlined entry to Renew Your License or Registration, Obtain Driving Records, and Order a Vanity Plate.

·More detail provided on what is required to complete transactions online and in-person.

·DMV Branch Offices and AAA Locations are now plotted on a color coordinated interactive map with office info, directions, and hours

Additional features to be launched soon are:

·DMV Branch Wait Time Tracker to show estimated transaction times by office

·My DMV Status Check: will enable customers to see if there are any potential issues with renewing their license or registration before they travel to the DMV branch

The website improvements are a continuation of the steps Governor Chafee has taken to implement an atmosphere of customer service and efficiency at the DMV. Before Governor Chafee took office, it was not uncommon to wait for four to five hours – or more – for a basic transaction. Now, following the Governor’s pledge to “fix the DMV,” average wait times have been dramatically reduced. The agency has held customer service training, added staff in key areas, and put more services – including license renewals – online to maximize efficiency and effectiveness at its branches throughout the state.

Please visit the new website at: http://www.dmv.ri.gov/

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