StateScoop 50 Awards now open for nominations


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StateScoop is excited to announce that nominations for the first annual StateScoop 50 Awards are now open!

The StateScoop 50 Awards honor the best and the brightest who make state government more efficient and effective.

To nominate someone, please follow this link to our nominations page and fill out the attached form. Once nominations are complete, StateScoop will open up the list for public voting to determine this year’s StateScoop 50 winners!

StateScoop is currently accepting nominations in the following categories:

  • Golden Gov: State Executive of the Year Award: For the visionary leading government into a new technology landscape with innovative ideas and by inspiring others to get on board.
  • State Leadership Award: For the public sector principal helping government implement new technologies, strategies and IT programs.
  • Industry Leadership Award: For the private sector pioneer driving change in government IT with unique solutions.
  • State Innovation of the Year: Technologies implemented this year that may have been unfathomable until recently.
  • State IT Program of the Year: The best examples of influential IT programs that have led to cost savings, efficiencies and partnerships between agencies.
  • State Up and Comer: State government employees who made you think, “They’ll be running the show some day”
  • Most Inspiring NewComer to Watch: Young leaders who did exceptional IT work this year.

Make sure to nominate a technology leader in your state or someone you admire in the state government community for an award today. Nominations will be accepted until March 17.

Also make sure to share the nomination form with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out our nomination & voting guidelines here!

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