Venture capitalist: Cut California into six separate states


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CaliforniaOne of the early investors in Skype is proposing a radical idea that would split California into six separate states, including one that encompasses Silicon Valley.

Tim Draper, a California-based venture capitalist known for investing in companies such as Skype, Overture and Hotmail, told TechCrunch he will submit a proposal to the state’s attorney general in the next 48 hours as a ballot proposition proposal.

The idea is to cut California into six separate states, sectioning off areas such as Silicon Valley and Southern California and making them separate from some of the state’s more rural areas.

There are a few key reasons for this, Draper said, notably giving California more senators in Washington, D.C., to better represent the state’s more than 38 million residents.

The proposal, Draper said, would provide more competition and less monopolistic power. It would also allow the new states to draft their own constitutions more in line with each region’s needs and decisions can be more relevant to the population.

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